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Single Mom Goes Viral for Incredible Transformation after BF’s Family Rejected Her

She was mocked by her boyfriend’s family because they did not like the way she looked. But after he dumped her, this single mom transformed herself and wowed everyone!

Woman Transforms Self after BF’s Rejection

It is a sad reality in life that many people are laughed at because of their looks. Society has these standards of how people are supposed to look, rejecting those who they think don’t look good.

Photo credit: Good Times

In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a 28-year-old woman named Huyen used to live with her boyfriend and their child. Though her boyfriend had already proposed to her and they were planning to get married soon after, the guy’s family did not approve of the union because of her looks.

The family did not like her so much that they tried to break the couple apart, convincing the guy that he deserved someone much better and prettier than Huyen.

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While there were cases like this when the family tries to break them apart but the couple don’t listen, Huyen’s boyfriend listened to his family. They told him that she’s no good for him and he believed. He wanted to have someone better, someone his family would approve.

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So, despite having a baby with Huyen, he left her. Brokenhearted but still proud, Huyen held her head up and found a job to support the child. To best earn for her baby, Huyen temporarily left the child under the care of her parents so she could find a better-paying job in the big city.

Even as she became successful, the hurtful words of her boyfriend’s family continued to ring in her ears. So, she decided to undergo some cosmetic enhancements to upgrade her looks so nobody will mock her again.

Photo credit: Good Times
Photo credit: Good Times

After she saved 100,000,000 dongs ($4,350), she began her first step to transformation.

Since I wasn’t in the best financial situation, I had to start working without much rest after the surgeries,” Huyen admitted.

Photo credit: Good Times

She had to work extra hard to pay for her cosmetic enhancements but everything paid off. She now looks so beautiful that her ex-boyfriend wanted to be with her again. But she’s learned her lesson and refused to get back with him.

Photo credit: Good Times
Photo credit: Good Times

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