Pretty Lady Goes Viral for Selflessly Taking Care of Old Grandma

While a lot of young adults of this generation are being criticized for being selfish and irresponsible, there still are many who strive to change this sad and unfair generalization. Take for example this young lady who has gone viral of taking care of her old grandmother.

In a post on Facebook, Relpma Jc Jen shared how her grandmother was the one who take good care of her ever since she was born. The loving granddaughter thanked her grandma for always staying by their side and for loving them unconditionally; she said that it was time for the roles to be reversed and for grandma to be the one they will pamper.

Photo credit: Relpma Jc Jen / Facebook

Photo credit: Relpma Jc Jen / Facebook

Now that their 98-year-old grandma is too old to take care of herself, Relpma promised that they will take over in every way possible. While grandma could no longer hold a spoon and fork, Relpma and her siblings gladly feed her. They also bathe the old lady and become her “hands and feet” in stuff that she needs to do.

Truly, this family is blessed to have such a close bond. Grandma is lucky to have a loving family who did not abandon her even if she is already old and in need of full-time care – and this young family is also lucky that they had a grandma at their side when they were growing up and that she is blessed with long life to be their guiding light even though they do have to make some sacrifices to make her feel more comfortable.

Old People in the Philippines

While senior citizens in developed countries do have health benefits and pension they can use in their old age, many of them are often left in nursing homes and senior communities by their career-oriented children. This arrangement surely is the “best” for all parties involved since the old ones get the care they need while the younger ones get to live their lives the way they want to, it does bring heartache to the older generation who often feels abandoned by their children.

In the Philippines, money is always a problem in many households but while, oftentimes, the cash-strapped families might not have health benefits and pension for the old ones, these families are often willing to do everything they can to personally take care of their senior family members.

These families would also willingly sell whatever assets they might have or go deep in debt as long as the older ones get the medical care they needed.

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