This is What Your Palm Lines Reveal about Your Fate in Love

Palm reading is a kind of an ancient art which has its origins from India for over hundreds of generations in the past. It was popularized in I Ching, a Chinese book. Aristotle was also actively interested in it and even Alexander the Great considered it as an advantage in the battles he won.

The lines in our palms mean a lot. Some people depend on palm reading when they make a decision, others ask about their fate by consulting palm readers.

As you can see in your palms, there are many lines that mean something about you or your fate. The most significant palm line is located right below the base of the fingers. This is called the heart line. The sharp crease in it shows a lot about your relationships and your prospect love life.

your fate in love by palm reading

The most significant palm line is located right below the base of the fingers called the heart line.
Photo Credit: Indian Palm Reading

Bring your left and right palms side by side and see if your lines of love match. If the left hand line is lower than the right hand line, it signifies that you are a good lover, clever beyond your years. You live freely and you don’t care what others think. You tend to be attracted towards old souls.

If the right hand line is lower than the left hand line, it means you are more aggressive and independent. You don’t place the search for love as your priority because you take it as a challenge.

Lastly, if both left and right hand lines are the same height, it means a nurturing and calm personality. You do not welcome changes and you make a great parent.

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Have you tried checking the heart lines on your palm? What did it say about your fate in love? Leave a comment below.

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Palm plastic surgery to change one’s fate?

In 2013, a new trend in plastic surgery in Japan made news as a number of Japanese men and women underwent palm plastic surgery to change their fate.

Fox News reports that the surgery costs $ 1,100, and would take 5 to 15 minutes. The surgery was performed using an electric scalpel and most of the patients asked to extend or add lines to their palms which are associated with good luck and marriage.

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