She Learns the Value of the Sister She Hated After She Had Cancer

As the responsible older sister, she had always hated how her sister is so irresponsible. The problem is that she would be the one scolded instead of the irresponsible younger sister, making her hate the happy-go-lucky girl even more.

She thought her problems would be solved if her sister was gone but when their parents died, she became her sister’s guardian. The younger woman continued her immature ways, partying the night away and arriving home drunk. There were times when she would steal money from her older sister so she could treat her friends, making the latter hate her even more.

Then, fate gave them something that would change their lives forever. Instead of her younger sister disappearing and dying, it was the older sister who was stricken with cancer. Shocked at her predicament, she never told her sister about her condition until the younger woman accidentally discovered this one day.

The older sister was surprised to see the change in her sister. The girl she hated, the girl she wanted to go away soon became the girl who would change her ways so she would live. It is touching how their roles have become reversed. The irresponsible sister was soon taking care of her responsible older sister, the one who had been taking care of her since she was young.

Watch their touching story here:

Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatment

Have you ever wondered why cancer patients lose their hair? The hair loss is not due to cancer, itself but because of the treatments the patient is receiving.

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy target fast-growing cancer cells but other fast-growing cells in the body are also affected. Since hair has fast-growing cells, it is damaged along with the cancer cells; thus, most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy lose their hair.