Funniest Trending Comment on Report that Mommy D still wants a Baby

Netizen Xar Torian had the funniest comment on the report that Mommy D still wants to have a baby yet her boyfriend Michael is not that thrilled with the idea.

Torian’s “anu ba naman yan kumakain ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” quickly gained close to 200 likes within 40 minutes after GMA News posted the report link on their Facebook page.

Mommy D

It seems that Torian’s comment was something netizens could relate to; after all, when the news broke out that she has a boyfriend so much younger than she is, everyone was shocked. Many netizens also had a similar response as Torian, that they felt it was something that wouldn’t settle well in their stomachs.

Perhaps, even without reading the article, it was Torian’s automatic reaction – or did he read that the two lovebirds are already living together? The PacMom even detailed how she wanted to have a baby in whatever plan possible, even undergoing artificial insemination. “Yuck!” is the resounding scream of netizens.

Is it really cringe-worthy? Based on the Torian’s trending comment and the people’s own reactions on the post, it does seem like it’s too cheesy and too yucky to speak about in public.

What do you think?

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