When Puberty Hits Twice: From Lady Boy to Macho Man

We’ve seen a lot of puberty challenge entries that showed how ‘ugly ducklings’ turn into beautiful swans, with awkward teens growing up into gorgeous beauties but one of these entries has piqued the interest of social media after the photos showed the transition of a young gay lad into a full-fledge lady boy before becoming macho man!

The young man was identified as Arnie Quiambao – and his name clearly brings to mind beauty queen Miriam Quiambao who rose to fame as the first runner up in Miss Universe 1999.

When he became a full-fledged lady boy, we bet Arnie likened himself to Miriam but the beauty queen in him retired early.

In photos shared on Facebook by Puberty Hits. page, Arnie started out as a young boy who clearly had inclination to be gay. Even at a young age, his pose on the photos easily make people say “he’s gay” or “he’s going to grow up gay”.

Indeed, as predicted, Arnie became a full-fledged gay. As a lady boy, he dressed up as a woman, wore dresses and makeup, and had long hair. While some gays remain modest in their transformation, retaining male clothing, Arnie truly became a lady boy and dressed like one.

But who would have thought that puberty would hit Arnie twice? First, he transitioned from a simple gay boy to a beautiful lady boy but the next photos surprised netizens when he became a macho man! The latter is certainly the last thing you would expect from someone gay yet he did it.

The photos on Puberty Hits. Facebook page did not reveal much about this young man but netizens, as always, had lots of theories to offer.

Many believe that Arnie fell in love and got so hurt by a man that he realized he wasn’t cut out to become a woman and returned to being a man. Do you think that’s the case?