Pregnant Wife Finds Second Wife for Husband, Says She Can’t Bear Seeing Him Uncared For

In most marriages, wives would get angry at her husband for finding another woman! But one woman actively looked for a second wife for her husband when she got pregnant, saying that she can’t bear to see him uncared for because she had a sensitive pregnancy.

The strange arrangement happened in Shah Alam, Malaysia after Khuzatul Atiqah got pregnant. The young woman saw that her husband, Samuel Dzul, was always tired after a busy day at work but still had to do chores and make her feel better as she was having a difficult pregnancy.

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So deeply in love with her husband, Khuzatul could not bear to see him uncared for and tired. So, she thought that he needed a second wife to take care of him while she is unable to do it.

When she asked whether he wanted a second wife, Samuel only smiled. Seeing that he was not really against the idea, Khuzatul began to actively find him a new wife. Since they are Muslims, Samuel can legally take a new wife, but netizens could not imagine that his first wife would actually be the one to push him to get a new one!

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Among her many prospects, Khuzatul thought of Nur Fathonah as her husband’s possible second wife. A single mom, Fathonah was the perfect candidate as second wife to Samuel. Khuzatul felt that she would get along well with the lovely young lady while they share a husband.

Fathonah was surprised to receive a message from Khuzatul regarding the arrangement, saying she never thought she would get married again. But when Samuel messaged her through Khuzatul and they all clicked, she finally agreed.

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After the marriage, the two wives got along well as Khuzatul had expected. Khuzatul feels happy that someone takes good care of her husband and she even found a best friend. The trio now owns a recording studio and plans on sharing the responsibilities with that business and their growing family as well…

Photo credit: Nur Fathonah Abdul Rahim / Facebook

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