Pregnant Mother Applies Full Makeup During Labor

Pregnancy and labor is never easy, especially when the baby is really on its way! However, one pregnant woman tried to distract herself from labor pains. She did what she most love to do and her photos went viral on Instagram.

Alaha Karimi, a makeup artist from Long Island, New York, posted her photos applying makeup on herself while on labor on her Instagram account. She never intended to get so much attention from Social Media, however, one of her Instagram photos already gained 8,000 likes as of this writing.

I was Googling ways to overcome the pain, because it was just unbearable, and one of the suggestions was to put on some music and do something you love — so that’s what I did.

Karimi’s photo were taken by her sister, and while her photos went viral and she received a lot of praises for her makeup skills, she also gained negative comments from her photos. She said, “Some said I’m putting my looks before my baby’s health, but in reality, anyone who’s been through labor knows that it’s just a waiting game. There was nothing I could do.”

Karimi made sure that her baby’s health was put first, so she asked for her doctor’s approval before she applied makeup.

Karimi is not the first pregnant woman who glammed up her look during labor. Some pregnant women have also been accompanied by their hairdressers in order to look great when the baby comes out.

However, Karimi says that putting makeup is just a “helpful side effect”. She suggests other women to do what they really love so they can momentarily overcome their labor pains.

“If makeup is your thing, do that. But if knitting is your thing, then do that — make a sweater! Do something that will distract you from the pains of labor. It’s a crazy time, and now, I don’t think of the pain. I look at the photos and I laugh. And I’m kind of proud of myself because I know I was able to make it through the pain and still enjoy myself.”

Longest Labor Ever Recorded

Joanna Krzysztonek, a Polish woman, holds the record for the longest labor: 75 days. She lay almost upside down in order to save the two fetuses remaining in her womb after the first of the triplets died prematurely.

Professor Mariusz Zimmer, head of the Wroclaw obstetrics and neo-natal clinic said, “This [labour] started with the premature birth of Mrs Krzysztonek’s first triplet, who had no chance of survival, and ended with the birth of third triplet. The whole process was very risky.”

Source: Today