Homeless Family Staying at Public Toilet Finds Help from Kind Netizens

A homeless family with three children who had been staying at a public toilet finds help from kind netizens. They were provided a place to stay and people also helped the dad find a job! Isn’t that so wonderful?

Homeless Family Finds Help from Netizens

When two policemen found a family bathing at a public toilet in Penang, Malaysia, then preparing to stay the night, they realized that the couple and their three children are homeless. With the COVID-19 crisis still on-going, it would not be good for the family to be staying in such a dirty public place with their children.

So, the cops sought help from a local philanthropist known as Kuan Chee Heng or simply “Uncle Kentang”. Taking pity on the family, Uncle Kentang paid for their hotel stay at Bandar Puteri.

I immediately went to the place to assess the situation for myself. The couple had three young children, the youngest was only around one year old. They had no place to live. They didn’t even have milk formula to feed their baby,” explained Uncle Kentang.

The kind man sought the help of a friend, Albert Chung, to buy milk for the baby. The following day, however, they learned that the family is back in the streets because they still had no place to go.

I immediately told them to come back to Puchong to meet me and Uncle Kentang so we could arrange for them to stay at another hotel. I said, no matter what happens, just update me on their situation but because they feel shy and blessed by what they did before this, they didn’t call me back,” Chung said.

Realizing that the family wanted to keep their dignity by not relying on their help at all times, these kind people decided to the dad find a job. They also sought help from other friends to find the family an affordable room to rent.

The dad managed to secure a job from one of the interviews he had gone to! Many netizens are happy that they are doing well now, thanks to the help of these kindhearted people…

What is a Philanthropist?

A philanthropist is someone who seeks to promote the welfare of others, often through providing generous donations of money to a good cause.

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