After Receiving Biscuit, Girl Happily Returns to Community Pantry to Give Vegetables

Have you ever noticed how those who don’t have a lot in life are actually the ones who so happily give back to others?

That’s what a community pantry experienced after a little girl happily returned with vegetables because she received a biscuit from them!

Girl Gives Back to Community Pantry

These days, a lot of places have opened a community pantry where people can get what they need for free, whether they give something back or not. The community pantry also welcomes donations of any kind from people who are willing to give anything and as much as they could afford to give.

In a post on Twitter, netizen @juneerubyjane shared how a little girl named Aya happened to pass by the community pantry they set up along the road. The little girl asked for a pack of biscuits. It was the only thing she took from the community pantry.

Moments later, the community pantry organizers were surprised to see Aya running back to them with big smile on her face, holding a bunch of malunggay. She asked if she could donate it to the community pantry! Wow.

The organizers were so happy with her gesture that they shared the girl’s photo on Twitter to recognize her sweet deed. It quickly went viral, gaining more than 10.5k retweets and over 56.2k likes.

Netizens were so amazed by this young girl who truly appreciated the kindness extended by the community pantry – and she knew how to give back in her own way, too.

According to @juneerubyjane, Aya returned several times to the community pantry to give an assortment of vegetables she got from her grandmother’s garden (with permission, of course).

Aya also feels so happy after @juneerubyjane showed her the many kind words that netizens had for her sweet deed. Good job, Aya!

How to Donate to Community Pantry

There’s no minimum or maximum donation that you can give to a community pantry. You can take whatever you need and donate whatever you can. That’s the essence of the community pantry.