#TrashTag Challenge Goes Viral, Gives Everyone Bragging Rights after Cleaning Up

A lot of people actually love to post about many stuff on social media, just to ‘brag’ about their social life or the things they do or the stuff they bought – and that’s alright, really, because social media was made for that, eh?

But a recent challenge has once again become popular on social media, and it gives everyone bragging rights to post what they did on social media. What makes this one quite different and actually admirable is that those who are told to participate in the viral social media challenge are not told to do something stupid.

Photo credit: #TrashTag / Instagram

In the past, we’ve heard about the Tide pod challenge (where teens ate the detergent pods!) or eating a spoonful of cinnamon or just about anything that looks crazy yet has appealed to many people who joined the challenge, anyway. People have really become more into social media, using likes and comments as gauge of how they should live their lives…

But the new challenge is something else – it ‘requires’ the challenger to actually clean up the environment!

Photo credit: #TrashTag / Instagram

Dubbed as the #TrashTag challenge, this one has actually helped the community by getting a lot of people to clean up. After all, everyone wants to be popular on social media and get many ‘lives’ and ‘shares’ on their posts.

So, what should you do to participate in this challenge? Easy!

Photo credit: #TrashTag / Instagram

  1. Find an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance
  2. Take a ‘before’ photo
  3. Take action and do it
  4. Take an ‘after’ photo and post it with #TrashTag

It does not matter whether you do the challenge alone or with a group of friends; what’s important is that you clean up the place to participate in the challenge. Amazingly, the response had been awesome.

Thousands of people joined the #TrashTag challenge.

Photo credit: #TrashTag / Instagram

With Mother Nature being in dire need of help due to the widespread pollution affecting the Earth, this challenge is truly an excellent way to save the planet!