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Pitiful Video of Girl Crying in Arranged Marriage Ceremony Goes Viral

We live in a modern world where women are more empowered and are now able to find jobs in once male-dominated industries. Yet there are still cultures that seem to have been stuck in the ancient times because they still refuse to let their ladies do things that are already quite common elsewhere.

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

For instance, there are still a lot of families in many countries around the world who believe that marriage is something that should be arranged between parents of two families, not between the would-be bride and groom!

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

In a video that has recently gone viral, a young woman could be seen crying during her wedding while her groom was obviously so happy about the marriage. Of course, a lot of ladies cry during their wedding, but those are tears of joy!

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

This bride is shedding unhappy tears as her heart broke because she was getting married to a man she didn’t love.

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

Whether the guy already knew her in the past and had truly wanted to marry her or if he was also just a pawn in the arrange marriage is unclear, but it was obvious that he was so happy about the situation – he wants to marry this girl now!

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

Netizens just couldn’t imagine the pain this woman is feeling throughout the wedding, and many hoped she would eventually find peace because she would live a life of bitterness and pain if she is unable to accept her situation.

Photo credit: Facebook / OFW TV

As for the groom, a lot of netizens were wondering why he could still be so happy about the marriage when it was obvious that his bride was feeling so terrible about the situation. Could he really live with this woman, knowing that she does not love him at all? That’s just so sad.

Lesson: Huwag magpapakasal sa taong hindi mo naman mahal. Kailaman ay hindi ka magiging masaya..

Posted by OFW TV on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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