Pinoys Slam Jordanian Celebrity for Laughing at a Pinay for Mispronouncing Some Words

Have you noticed how some people believe that the English language is the perfect gauge for intelligence? It seems that these people believe those who can’t speak the language well are below their level.

Such is the case of a Jordanian celebrity who has gained Filipino netizens’ ire for laughing at a Pinay for mispronouncing some English words.

While guesting on the national TV show “Lahonwas”, Mais Hamdan made fun of a Filipina whom she encountered in Dubai.

Photo credit: Kwentong OFW

Kwentong OFW wrote a transcript of Hamdan’s monologue, recounting how the Pinay mispronounced some words while talking to a customer:

“How are you Ma’am and Sir?”

“Good morning!”

“How are you today?”

“Marry Christmas.” (instead of Merry Christmas)

“Ma’am, today we have a new collaction.” (which should be collection)

“You can buy everything at 50%. Ma’am, we that one in black and that one in yellow.”

“No Ma’am, we don’t have red in that one.  If you want that one Ma’am, I will call my supervisor, and get from the other store.  I will ask that one.”

“Ma’am, if you come back tomorrow, that 50% will finish.”

“Ma’am, you’re so pretty.”

“Oh, my God, she is so pretty.”

The Jordanian celebrity was laughing the entire time – and the audience laughed along. This did not sit well with the Filipino community who called out Hamdan’s bad behavior. A lot believe that she didn’t have the right to laugh at the Pinay for the mispronounced words, especially because Pinoys are not native English speakers.

But other netizens also pointed out that Pinoys are actually fond of laughing at others who make mistakes in pronunciation and misuse of English words. Of course, this does not excuse Hamdan’s behavior but it should be a reminder for everyone that laughing at other people’s mistakes is not a good thing.

Check out this video:

Erratum: The celebrity was misidentified as Egyptian in the video and in an earlier version of this article. It turns out she’s Jordanian; although her family has been based in Egypt for a long time that’s why she was first thought to be Egyptian.