Photos of Girl Who Looked Stunning After Puberty Goes Viral

While most of us look somewhat similar, more or less, to our young selves, there are actually those who have transformed from an ‘ugly duckling’ to a ‘beautiful swan’, just like in the fable!

It is not that we are trying to demean these people for looking ‘ordinary’ as a young kid but we can’t also deny the fact that there really are persons who don’t look like their younger versions – and not because of some cosmetic enhancements, but all thanks to puberty alone.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, there are a lot of cute and adorable kids who eventually grow up to look ‘ordinary’. In fact, there are even some who look worse than their young selves because puberty gave them acne and other problems.

Then again, there is this adage that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We acknowledge that each one of us look beautiful, no matter how we look – but you’ve got to admit there are also those who were blessed with more good looks.

Netizen Aleksis Corbi posted several photos on her Facebook page, captioning the post with, “WHEN PUBERTY HITS YOU HARD ????”

But while the first few photos were of her as an ‘ordinary’-looking young girl, you will surely be amazed with her transformation! It is rather harsh to call her an ‘ugly duckling’, as based on the fable of the “Ugly Duckling” that turned into a beautiful swan; perhaps, let’s just call this her ‘caterpillar’ stage, as Trending News Portal suggests.

The butterfly stage is truly stunning! She’s so gorgeous now, right?

What’s the “Ugly Duckling”?

The fable of the Ugly Duckling began with an unusually large egg that got mixed with a mother duck’s eggs. This weird egg hatched into an ‘ugly’ grey duckling that was so much different from the other ducklings.

The ugly duckling was also clumsy and was soon hated by the other ducklings. He ran away. At the lake, he saw some beautiful swans and wished he was like them. Lo and behold! Months later, he became a beautiful swan!