Photo of Nurses on IV Drip Goes Viral Amid Calls for Better Protection of Frontliners

The photo of nurses with an IV drip goes viral amid calls for better protection of frontliners and for people to stay at home to help stop the pandemic as quickly as possible.

In many places around the world, a lot of medical workers have lost their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s sad is that many of them got sick due to lack of proper equipment to protect them from the virus. Many had to reuse PPEs because there are no new ones available for them to use.

Nurses on IV Drip

As many of their counterparts are battling the condition from their own sick beds, at the other side of the stethoscope, a lot of medical frontliners are trying their best to find a way to boost their immune system in hopes that they won’t also get sick.

They face so many uncertainties during their shift, particularly facilities that already have positive cases. But they have no other choice. They made an oath to protect people’s lives – and they are doing their best to serve the people, even if it meant risking their own.

In Indonesia, a lot of medical workers were given an IV drip to boost their immune system. Because they are directly caring for patients who tested positive for the virus, these medical frontliners’ lives are on the line. Since there is no definite cure for COVID-19, all they can do is try to boost their immune system.

Nurse Cahyadi Anugrah tweeted a photo of himself with an IV drip, calling on people to stay at home. Just like many medical workers, he had to stay away from his family.

I have been sworn, whether through my profession or as a servant of the state. This is a humanitarian [cause]; my parents and wife accept that I have to leave [them behind] while fighting the good fight,” he wrote.

Cahyadi is among the nurses assigned in the isolation room at the hospital that has at least eight patients under observation. As Indonesia faces a shortage of PPEs and masks, they had to resort to IV drips to protect themselves.

What is Immunity Drip?

The immunity drip is an IV dose that includes a high dosage of Vitamin C, B vitamins, and Zinc combined with nutrients that boost the immune system to help protect a person against a disease. But it does not guarantee that you will not get sick.

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