70-Year-Old Grandpas Wow with Ripped Bodies as They Work Out Public Park

A group of 70-year-old grandpas went viral recently for their ripped bodies as they work out at the public park! Netizens are so amazed that these old men are fitter than them and actually so much younger than their real age because of their toned bodies.

Grandpas Rock Ripped Bodies

When it comes to old people, particularly those over the age of 70, many of us have come to expect them as frail folks who have too thin or sometimes too fat bodies. Many of them walk slow, can’t lift heavy objects, and might even get injured if they tried too hard to exercise!

But a group of grandpas rock ripped bodies as they work out at a public park in Hangzhou, China. It is obvious that they had been doing this for years, of course. Had they only started doing this at their old age, they would have surely suffered a lot of broken bones and stretched or pulled muscles! Whew.


Photo credit: China Daily / Facebook

Using fitness equipment readily available at the park, the grandpas hang out and do their usual morning routine on a daily basis – and they never fail to attract the attention of passersby who quickly notice their white hair and possibly advanced ages!

While many passersby think they are in their early 50s, these grandpas are all actually in their 70s. They promote a healthy lifestyle and would welcome anyone who wishes to work out with them at the park. Considering their geriatric age group, it is truly impressive that these grandpas live a very healthy lifestyle.

Plus, they are not afraid to show off their skills and agile bodies in public! Of course, if I live to that age and still be as flexible as these old men, I’d definitely be showing off my skills to everyone, too!

What’s a Ripped Body?

A ripped body is one with very low fat percentage but high muscle volume. While a thin person also has low fat percentage, a person with a ripped body has big muscles wherein the muscle tissues are more visible. This is often achieved through bodybuilding activities.

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