Australian Family’s Homemade Water Slide Goes Viral

Dubbed as the “Slip and Bleed”, a family’s water slide in Queensland, Australia has gained the interest of millions of people across the world – after the video of a man named Daz sliding down the slippery creation went viral.

Shared by Kirsty McKavanagh, the video shows Daz getting ready to slide on the slide which was covered in black tarpaulin. Flowing water made sure the whole course, which bends twice along its path, was slippery enough for the person to freely make it to the bottom of the hill. A person will reach the bottom landing in around 30 seconds.

When the post went viral, many netizens also shared their own versions of homemade water slides; though most are not as challenging and long as the one at Old McKavanagh’s farm.

As for the slide’s rather gruesome name, well, it got it from the fact that when eight members of the McKavanagh tried to slide all at once, they ended up with some wounds and bruises as they all piled up on top of the other!

So, if you are going to visit the McKavanagh’s “Slip and Bleed” water slide, make sure to not do the actual sliding together with other people or you’ll end up, well, slipping and bleeding!

After the slide became famous, some people jokingly advised the family to charge fees for anyone who wanted to use it since it newfound fame just might bring hoards of people to the farm…

Check out this cool video of Daz sliding down the “Slip and Bleed” water slide:

Tried and tested. Ready to go.

Posted by Kirsty McKavanagh on Friday, January 22, 2016

Water Slides

Typically, water slides can be found in water parks, with options for indoor or outdoor varieties depending on what is available.

While most water slides are designed with a top deck (often covered with some roof if outdoors), a slide with flowing water, and a pool or even a shallow area filled with water for the landing spot, there are some that feature more complicated designs or pass through exciting spots like a shark’s tank (available in water parks in some resorts).

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