Parents Use Apps and Social Media for Homework Help

Having trouble assisting your kids in their homework?

Thanks to modern day technology, parents can now seek the help of social media as well as apps to assist their children do their assignments.

Several Facebook pages dedicated to Singapore’s Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) or academic subjects have been formed in the last three years. In these groups, parents are given the opportunity to post up to 20 questions daily. Within a few hours, they get to receive answers from teachers and other parents. The answers are usually illustrated using equations, graphs, bar models, or diagrams.

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However, parents don’t just give away these answers to their children. According to them, they make sure that their children understand the concept and the steps involved in obtaining the answer.

“I will try to analyze the answers and explain to my daughter,” said a 38-year-old mom with a daughter in Primary 4.

Meanwhile, a mobile app called EduSnap is a platform that allows users to upload pictures of worksheets in Mathematics, Science, and English. Teachers from tuition centres and voluntary welfare organisations provide the answers. Users can only post up to three questions daily.

HomeWorks God: A God-sent app for Parents

Recently, HomeWorks God has gained popularity after a Twitter user posted a status about them last March.

For those not familiar with it, it is an app that allows anyone to send questions through their contact number through WeChat and WhatsApp and get answers for free.

In its website, it says: “Ask and you shall receive.”

Aside from providing answers to homework, they also offer their services to mark homework.

In most cases, they don’t ask for a fee but they may charge about $28 to edit an essay.