New Graduate: The Street Kid Living at the Police Station After He was Adopted by Policemen

Young boy Jommy Arieta lives in the police station, not because he was incarcerated for some crime but because he was adopted by the kind policemen after they learned he was living in the streets after his parents died.

According to the report on GMA News, the young boy was just 8 years old when his father died; then, his mother abandoned him. With no one looking after him, he strayed from the path and lived in the streets. He even had to repeat Grade 5 because he could no longer keep up with school.

Who would believe he would graduate with honors this year? Thanks to kind policemen who took him in, Jommy was able to go to school. They even took turns helping him out with assignments and projects.

So, it is with pride that one of them placed the medal he earned for his efforts. This kid’s success was a triumph for the police of Boston, Davao Oriental. Not only were the policemen the source of funds for Jommy’s education at Boston Central Elementary School, they also stood as his second parents.

Here’s the heartwarming report by GMA News:

As you have already guessed, he wishes to become a policeman when he grows up!

Homeless in the Philippines

There are tens of thousands of homeless people living across the cities and towns in the Philippines. Many of the homeless can be found in the big cities where people try their luck but end up in the streets after being unable to find a job. Their kids suffer as well – and could grow up in the streets and form families of their own.

Apparently, the problem is not just limited in the big cities as attested by Jommy’s story. There really is a need to address this problem but it appears the government has its hands full with other concerns as this perennial situation has not been corrected.

Kudos to the policemen who took Jommy in! We can’t hope for all police stations to become homes for the street kids but we could all wish these wandering ones can find a safe place to call home.

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