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Identical Twins Give Birth at Exactly the Same Time

All their lives, they shared a lot of things – beginning with sharing the womb to just about anything you can imagine twins share (and they even ‘share’ a face, considering they are identical twins) – but Leah Rodgers and Sarah Mariuz could not believe they would also share something that was statistically next to impossible: they gave birth on the same date, at exactly the same time!

While they probably did not conceive at the very same time (but who knows if they actually did?), the twins welcomed their firstborn children both on June 30, at 1:18 AM, miles apart from each other. Leah lives in Denver, Colorado while Sarah is in La Jolla, California.

A lot of people were expecting that they would also give birth to twins but the two only had singletons and they weren’t even of the same gender. Leah had a son she named Reid Joseph while Sarah had a daughter she named Samantha Lynne.

Photo credit: ABC News / Yahoo!

Although they were quite close, the twins had not really planned on getting pregnant and giving birth to their firstborn children at the same time. But the two think they have a ‘twin-tuition’ going on.

In fact, Leah claims that she knows her twin was pregnant even before the latter made the announcement. On Thanksgiving, when Sarah and her husband Nick arrived at Leah’s house, she already had a feeling her twin was pregnant but did not immediately say something so as not to spoil her sister’s surprise announcement. Then, she just couldn’t contain her excitement when her sister did not say anything.

She told me first. In fact, she handed me a gift maybe 30 minutes upon arrival to her place and once she extended her hand with the gift in it, I knew that something was up,” Sarah narrated. “Ultimately, she revealed that we were going to be an aunt and uncle, which was really exciting, but I allowed her just to have her moment, actually. I jumped up and down and screamed and was just really, really excited for her and her husband Kyle.

What are Identical Twins?

Identical twins, also known as monozygotic twins, are a pair of twins who come from a single fertilized egg which divided into two separate embryos. Because of this, the twins look almost the same and are always of the same sex.

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