Photographer Finds a Way to Make Special Wedding Album for a Blind Bride

A photographer in Australia went viral for a wonderful gift he gave to a blind bride: a special wedding album that she could ‘see’ with her hands!

A beautiful bride named Steph had actually lost her eyesight shortly before meeting her groom, Rob. She suffers from a medical condition called cone-rod dystrophy, a condition that affects the light sensitive cells of the retina called the cones and rods. The genetic condition leads to blindness.

Just like many little girls, Steph had always dreamed about a fairytale wedding, but after she went blind, the young lady gave up on having one. After all, what’s the point of having her dream wedding when she couldn’t even see any of it?

Photo credit: James Day Photography / Facebook

It was since Steph was a little girl. She wanted her fairytale wedding. And we were so sad when she said that she didn’t think she could do it,” said Steph’s mom, Linda.

But the groom was a wonderful man. He wanted to give his bride the wedding she would have planned if she could still see. With the help of family and friends, they planned the fairytale wedding.

Photo credit: James Day Photography / Facebook

There’s still one big dilemma: Steph wouldn’t be able to see any of the pictures. Should they still hire a photographer? Well, they decided to hire James Day – and it was certainly one of the best decisions they made!

Photo credit: James Day Photography / Facebook

The photographer saw this is one of the biggest challenges in his career. So, with the help of his team and some good friends, he created something totally awesome: a wedding album that the blind bride could actually ‘see’ with her hands!

After choosing which photos to include in the wedding album, the photographs were placed on a special printer that heats up the image and makes the printed areas pop out. Fabrics and beads were added into the pictures, transforming the album into magical book.

Photo credit: James Day Photography / Facebook

Audio snippets and small bottle of scents from the wedding were also added into the special album, allowing the bride to fully re-live the moments during the wedding.

Unbelievable… You guys all have gone through so much trouble to make sure that this has been such an inclusive wedding. And this means so much,” Steph exclaimed as she touched the photos.

Photo credit: James Day Photography / Facebook

Isn’t that beautiful?