It’s “Pay Back Time!”; A Child’s Treat For His Mom’s Sacrifices as an OFW for 20 Years

Leaving their loved-ones behind is one of the biggest sacrifices that OFWs have to do in order to give their families a better future.

Being an OFW is not easy, but for a mother who wanted the best for her children, there is nothing she cannot do.

And I am so happy  to know this story of a  son who loves his mother dearly and he knows it’s “pay back” time.

“It’s time to go home, ma!”, Hans said.

Hans Alcanzare shared a very sweet and heart-warming message to his mother on his Facebook account to thank her for all the sacrifices that she did for him and for his six siblings.

He admitted that at first,  he was feeling broken and sad and cannot understand why their mother had to leave them to work in Hong Kong.  Hans was only 6 years old when their mother decided to try her luck in working abroad.

But her mother said that she had to leave them so she can provide their needs for their education because it’s the only thing she knew will help them succeed in life when she’s already gone.

Hans said their situation here in the Philippines was not easy because their mother was not with them and there have been so many trials and problems, but he couldn’t imagine how harder it could have been for her to receive sad news from them while she’s working.

But after 20 years of hard work and sacrifice, Hans said, the Graduation Day has come for her beloved mother.

On his post,  Hans has been fetching his mother already from Hong Kong because he said it’s time for her mom to go home.

His mother had been very busy working that through her sacrifices, she was able to brought up children who were already professionals.  She was able to support the studies of her children who were now already a Certified Public Accountant, a Licensed Teacher, a Registered Nurse, a Pharmacist and Midwife, a Civil Engineer, a Registered Master Plumber and one soon to be an Information Technologist.

Hans thanked  the friends of his mother who were there to support her when she had financial shortages and also her employer, Mr. Lee, who granted cash advances to her so she can  send money to them for their needs.

But most importantly, Hans thanked his mother for all her sacrifices, for the 20 long years that she spent away from them and those lonely nights  that how she wished she was taking care of her children.

“It’s your graduation day, Mom!,” Hans said to his mother.

“It’s time to go home,” he added.

Their mother doesn’t need to work for them anymore and it’s pay back time!

And as a token of thanks to his mother,  Hans surprised her with  an all-expense paid Asean trip to show their gratitude for her undying support to her children.

Their first stop?……Singapore!

“We love you, mom!”, he said.

I am really touched by this story and the idea of pay back time is such a wonderful thought from a child of an OFW.

How I wish and pray that one day, all OFWs will have their Graduation Day and not even a single child be longing for the love of a mother anymore.

You are the real heroes of our country and you have to enjoy the good life that you all deserve.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

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