Netizens’ Twitter Discussion About Sexism in PH Culture Draws Laughter on Social Media

MANILA, Philippines- Do you agree that sexism is deeply ingrained in our culture? A lot of netizens do, according to a hilarious thread on Twitter that has taken social media by storm.

Netizen @KBOMolina started the hilarious discussion on the microblogging site with his amusing opening statement:


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Thea Lansang

“Sexism is deeply ingrained in the Philippine culture.Tingnan niyo merong Ati-Atihan Festival pero walang Kuya-Kuyahan Festival.”

Filipino netizens, who seem to be experts in using humor to tackle even serious topics such as sexism, came up with funny responses to @KBOMolina’s tweets.

Twitter user @bahmita joined the discussion and tweeted: “We have Ate Guy pero no Kuya Girl Ay wait! Lemme think about that. Lol.”

@Woongitude commented: “Kapag lawyer ang tawag Atty, paano naman si koya? Chos.”

“Manila nga ang capital eh. Nasaan ang Womanila? wuw,” @iamcris29 tweeted.

But among the responses, it was the tweet from @AtomSiraullo that drew so much laughter.

“Merong stalactite pero walang stalacpepe *leaves*.”

Amused by the hilarious thread on Twitter, Facebook user Thea Lansang decided to share screenshots of the discussion on the social network. She then explained in her caption that  the Twitter topic was triggered by a recent national issue.

“A recent national issue triggered this Twitter thread, and I hope I need not specify. What has happened in the past week could have happened to your mom or your sister; and if it does, I hope they’re just as strong as she had been,” Lansang explained.

Lansang was referring to the so-called sexist attacks against Senator De Lima. Last week, several lawmakers have announced their intention to publicly show De Lima’s alleged sex tape during a congressional probe.