Netizens Slam Parents of Kid Left in Car While They Drink at Bar

Everyone has the right to have fun, we all know that – but not on the expense of our kids’ safety! Parents should always take care of their children’s welfare before their own.

Sadly, not everyone has the same principle in life.

Netizen Jasper Pascual shared the video of a child crying inside a dark, turned off Toyota Fortuner near Metrowalk in Pasig City last Saturday, at 4AM. He said that he was parked beside the car which had dark, tinted windows. He heard a child crying from inside the vehicle.

Taking a peek inside the heavily tinted car, Pascual was unsure of the child had a companion inside but seeing him getting inside his car, the child cried harder and hit the window repeatedly to catch his attention; he knew, then, that the child was asking for help.

Shocked, Pascual realized that the child was trapped inside the dark and hot vehicle, alone!

He quickly called the guard to search for the kids’ parents while also contemplating on breaking the window to free the kid.

A woman parked near the vehicle said that she had also noticed the crying but thought it was just a cat; after all, no expected that a child would be left inside the car. It was really lucky that Pascual was parked near the vehicle or the child could have been in grave danger.

After 5 minutes, the child’s mother arrived at the parking lot. According to Pascual, she was rather angry that she was called to the parking lot for the kid – but the guard stood his ground, telling her they could call the cops and report the matter since she abandoned the kid inside the locked car, without lights or aircon since the engine was off.

Ten minutes later, the child’s father arrived.

According to Pascual, though he had photos of the irresponsible parents, he did not post these on social media because he’s kind. He also stopped filming since he didn’t want to start trouble, considering that he and the kid’s parents already had a few drinks.

Pascual warns parents to never leave their kids inside the car as this could suffocate them!