‘Funny’ Skit on Online Class Angers Netizens after Teachers are Blasted in the Video

What was supposed to be a ‘funny’ skit on online class angers netizens after teachers are blasted in the video. But others defended the clip, saying that people should not be so serious about the video, especially because it was meant to be a joke.

Funny Skit Angers Netizens

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face learning has been suspended in the Philippines and other parts of the world. The Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) are implementing online classes or blended learning for this school year.

Photo credit: VinCentiments / Facebook

With many parts of the Philippines not having reliable internet connection and with so many students unable to buy gadgets for online learning, online learning has become a huge hurdle to many instead of providing a better option for learners.

Facebook page VinCentiments shares a skit about online classes, supposedly showing the sentiments of students against the difficulties about online classes.

Written by controversial director Darryl Yap, the production studio shows a student who’s supposed to make a report on Dr. Jose Rizal. But problems would soon mar the report – and these are all too real in the online school setup.

At one point, someone (probably her mom) told her to buy milk at the store. When she complained that she’s still doing online class, the woman reminded her that the mango shake they are selling funded the laptop she’s now using for school!

The student also had to take care of a baby and has to shout at a neighbor for being too noisy. When the teacher got angry again, the student bursts into an angry tirade that blasted teachers over online class woes:


Most of the comments expressed anger over the video’s direct rant against teachers. However, there are others who understood the skit’s sentiments.

DO NOT BLAME THE TEACHERS, BLAME THE SYSTEM!! We should not be treated like this. This is your struggle, but nobody forced you to enroll. Next time, think of the teachers’ struggles too. May choice ang students, ang teachers wala. Second strike na to, una yung about sa mga single mothers tapos ngayon against sa teachers. Wala na bang macontent??” an angry teacher commented.

I feel sad for those teachers who are trying their best to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Most of them pa naman may challenges din just to do the online classes. 🤦‍♂️😔,” another wrote.

We didn’t want to have this kind of set up either but still, we, teachers doing everything we can, giving our very best to meet all the needs of the students, and to cope up with this new normal just so you know. And another thing is, don’t try to use this situation as a simple thing that can be treated as a joke because its DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD IDEA. Even for once, try to be in our situation please. VERY INSENTIVE! HOW DARE YOU USE DR. JOSE RIZAL!! The nerve,” another commented.

Hindi naman yata patungkol to sa mga teachers directly..kundi sa Educational System natin..kung baga “read between the lines”..and lahat naman sinasabi dito is totoo..just replace “the teacher as the Dept. of Ed…😊😊😊,” one teacher argued.

VinCentiments Controversies

Although this ‘online class’ video has angered to many netizens, VinCentiments has been involved in so many controversial short videos in the past. Just last June, the production studio drew flak on its “The Cousins” video that tackled a romantic relationship between cousins.

In 2018, a video similar to the ‘online class’ skit also went viral as it tackled issues regarding a ‘terror teacher’.

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