NASA Records Mysterious Sounds from Earth and Other Planetary Bodies

Humans always held this reverence and wonder about space. Even after hundreds of years of studying the sky and with today’s advanced instruments, we still have not come close to exploring the entire universe. There are still many mysteries that exist beyond the sky.

But even our sky is very mysterious! NASA used sophisticated instruments to study the Earth and several planetary bodies, recording sound in the form of electromagnetic waves within the range of human hearing. These waves were recorded by the NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1, and the HAWKEYE space probes.

The resulting recordings were incredible! Listening to these sounds can give you goose bumps, especially knowing that these were recordings taken on our Earth! It would seem that our planet is singing!

According to NASA, these space sounds were a product of the complex interactions among the Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and various electromagnetic particles from the solar wind (the intense wind from the sun).

But these sounds are not only heard on Earth. Other planetary bodies also appear to emit these sound ways. What is quite amazing is that the “songs” of each of these planetary bodies appear to be unique that you can easily distinguish one from the other! That’s intense!

These sounds can be creepy but also nice to listen to. Check them out in the video below:

Mysterious Sounds from the Sky

When this video first came out, plenty of people were easy to dismiss it as yet another hoax video but it was later verified as authentic.

What made it easy for people to dismiss the video as hoax is the continued presence of hoax videos across the web, claiming to be recordings of mysterious sounds from the sky. Many of these videos are difficult to verify yet those who posted them swear they never made changes to their recordings.

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