PAL Crew and Passengers Help Unpaid OFW

There are millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) spread out across the world. While many of them found luck in the places they are working in, there are also those who lucked out, encountering evil bosses who maltreat them and even send them back to the Philippines without pay!

One of these workers was recently repatriated to the country and was seen crying in the flight home aboard Philippine Airlines (PAL), the country’s flagship carrier.

It is rather unknown whether the PAL crew already knew of the OFW’s circumstances before she boarded the plane or whether they only learned about her going home without getting paid as she cried in her seat; what we know so far is that the crew went over and beyond their duty to provide the best for their passengers when they gave money to the crying lady.

Screenshot from video by Jrm Jayjay

Screenshot from video by Jrm Jayjay

According to social media user Jrm Jayjay who was on the same flight as the crying OFW, the PAL crew also ‘passed the hat’ across the aisle, asking passengers to give what they can freely share with this poor OFW.

They were able to collect an undisclosed amount of money which the crew then gave to the OFW who shyly stayed in her seat, still appearing to be crying. She seems to be a bit embarrassed with the attention she is getting and it would seem that the flight crew had announced her circumstances to the other passengers yet it was a good thing that she received some form of assistance from these Good Samaritans!

We could only hope that she will also receive financial assistance from the government. We are also thankful that even if she was not paid by her employers, at least she made it home alive – for many aren’t so lucky and ended up coming home in a casket after being unpaid for a long time, too…

Watch this video from Jayjay:

Posted by Jrm Jayjay on Saturday, October 8, 2016

What is an OFW?

An OFW or overseas Filipino worker is simply any Filipino who is working in another country outside the Philippines; this applies to any type of work, whether white collar or blue collar jobs.

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