Netizens Cheer for 89-Year-Old Man’s First Date in 30 Years (But She Didn’t Show Up)

Netizens cheer for an 89-year-old man’s first date in 30 years. However, while he looked dapper and excited, the woman didn’t show up even if he waited for an hour. Awwww.

Old Man’s First Date in 30 Years Gets Netizens’ Support

While many elderly people don’t like technology, especially social media options like Facebook and TikTok (worse!), you might be surprised that there are those who embrace these modern stuff.

Take for example a TikToker who goes by the name Grandad Joe (handle: @grandadjoe1933). He’s 89 years but he loves TikTok! Wow.

first date

Photo credit: @grandadjoe1933

Grandad Joe has amassed a whopping number of followers – at least 6.2 million! We’re impressed.

It’s clear in the videos that this elderly grandpa loves to have fun, especially with his grandkids. He readily posts and makes faces for TikTok filters, such as those that made him look like a teenager (well, that didn’t actually work) or when he wore a red dress. He’s really a cool grandpa.

Recently, he posted that he was going out on a date. It’s his first one in 30 years, so he’s really excited.

first date

Photo credit: @grandadjoe1933

However, it appears that the woman (not identified in the video) changed her mind and stood him up.

In the video which has gained over 1.1 million views, Grandad Joe can be seen grooming in front of the camera, making sure he looks great for his date.

At the restaurant, however, things didn’t turn out the way he planned or expected. What’s worse is that she didn’t even appear to have the decency to tell this elderly gentleman that she wasn’t showing up.

first date

Photo credit: @grandadjoe1933

But netizens thought it was better that he got stood up because he deserves someone better.

Some people are just inconsiderate. Good riddance. You deserve someone kind,” one netizen commented.

You my friend are one of the most respectable people I will see on my fyp. Waiting an hour and not badmouthing someone. You are an inspiration,” another wrote.

You deserve so much more then one woman who doesn’t even show up for you because somewhere there’s a woman waiting for you with big open arms,” another assured.

Here’s the video:


Well that was fun 🤦‍♂️

♬ kill bill sped up – SZA

Dating for Old People

Dating isn’t just for young people but is also for the old, despite what many people might think.

Plenty of elderly folks find true love in their old age or reconnect with a former flame, falling in love and finally finding their “forever” despite their advanced age.

Others also find love through dating sites.

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