College Student Goes Out in Freezing Weather Wearing Shorts and a Shirt

It’s still winter in some parts of the world; that means there are places that are experiencing freezing temperatures that would soon give way to spring but one guy in Wisconsin has gone for thinking it’s already summer!

This unnamed guy was identified as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Amused over the photo but also wanting to warn the other students (as well as this guy) of the dangers of the freezing weather to people not wearing proper clothing, someone from the university posted this on the school’s Twitter account.

The post was captioned:

Only in Wisconsin…

Pro tip: *Please* bundle up, #Badgers. ??

Photo credit: Twitter / @UWMadison

The post quickly went viral, with many people expressing admiration but also laughing at the guy for being too foolish to not wear proper clothing in the freezing temperatures.

After all, while the ladies behind him were obviously bundled up and wearing the thickest fur coats they could get their hands on, this guy doesn’t seem to be fazed by the freezing cold as he walked in a shirt and a pair of shorts. And just as if it was any random summer day, he was wearing a pair of sneakers!

Sneakers, shorts, and a shirt in freezing weather – what was this guy thinking?

While this getup might look ‘cool’, it is far from the good kind of cool because his body is surely too cool (cold!) that he might actually get sick.

What is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia is a serious medical condition you can get in the freezing cold or exposure to cold water and weather conditions. The normal body temperature is 37C while hypothermia is experienced when the body temperature falls below 35C.

What’s wrong with temperatures going below that level? Well, your heart, nervous system, respiratory system, and various organs can stop working!

So, if you think it’s cool to wear summer clothes in freezing winter weather, just Google ‘hypothermia’!

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