Gamers Post Hilarious Video of “Graduation” in an Internet Shop

A group of gamers held an impromptu “graduation” in a TNC internet shop they frequently hang out in; and the video of their antics has gone viral on Facebook.

The students were from the Technological Institute of the Philippines who received their togas last April 5. Since their graduation day would still be on the 10th, they went back to the Cubao branch of the internet shop chain, TNC, for another round of games.

Upon realizing that many of them were graduating together, they decided to have some fun by donning their togas and caps so they can have a photo taken inside the shop.

Then, someone just thought of doing the graduation right then and there! So, the Mechanical Engineering graduates had a mini graduation at their favorite internet shop before their final one this April 10.

The initial plan was to take picture.. ng nakatoga kami while nag lalaro, napag tripan nalang din namin na mag video,” said Arlo Diaz, one of the graduates.

(The initial plan was to take a picture of us wearing our togas while playing, then it eventually led to us making a video.)

Another graduate, Gerald Rafael, tweeted a photo of the ‘graduates’ busy in their respective computer stations. He joked, “Sa wakas! Natapos na namin ang pagpapanggap sa eskwela!

(At last! We have finally finished pretending to go to school!)

Is There Money in Gaming?

Gamers have a negative reputation because people often see them as “lazy” and “anti-social” people who prefer living in the virtual world than actually getting a “real” life in the outside world but they have since proven that there is also money in this kind of life.

For instance, the International Dota prize pool is close to $11 million, with players from the winning team going home with at least $1 million each!