A Pinay’s 140-Square-Foot Tiny Home Becomes a Viral Hit on the Web

Who would have thought that the world who loves ostentatious celebrity homes would adore a Filipina’s 140-square-foot tiny home?

Currently living in Ojai, California but born and raised in the Philippines, Vina Lustado created waves on the internet after her tiny home went viral. It started as a dream.

Born poor to a family with 9 children, Vina is used to living in small spaces; thus, even when she had already migrated to the US, this love for small things did not leave her. Together with her boyfriend, Vina designed a tiny home which comes with a 10-foot attic/loft that has a skylight from which she can also view the forest around her.

Aside from the tiny home offering ample spaces for sleeping, working, dining, and entertaining, it is also quite efficient. There is a water system that recycles water inside her home, turning this into something she can use for her garden.

A friend who really admired what Vina has done with her small abode suggested that she post it on Houzz. Much to their surprise, the house quickly became a favorite. To date, HouzzTV’s video of the house has over 2.4 million views on YouTube!

Many of those who viewed the clip commented how they were amazed with the house. Of course, this house is not for everyone, especially considering how small it was and would surely not fit even a typical family yet it is a great space, a dream home for many.

Check out Vina’s home in this video:

Small Homes

There is a new trend for small homes that are mobile, such as Vina’s cute house. Not only is it cheaper to make a tiny home, it is also easier to maintain and clean up.

You can find plenty of clips on YouTube of homeowners creating DIY small homes that come with complete amenities, including impressive kitchens and cozy sleeping spaces. These tiny homes are becoming viral, especially because a lot of people have become conscious about the environment.

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