Netizen Successfully Saves P71,500 through the P50 52-Week Money Saving Challenge

MANILA, Philippines- Are you planning to start 2017 right by saving moolah through the popular kuripot challenge? Another netizen managed to finish the P50 52-week money saving challenge and saved P71,500 instead of the usual P68,500 that you can get from the popular money saving challenge designed by Rhea Mocorro.

According to netizen VM Bocs, she started the money challenge or kuripot challenge by saving P50 on the first week of January. She then added an increment P50 every week until the 52nd week. To simplify, she saved: P50 on the first week, P100 on the second week, P150 on the third week, P200 on the fourth week until she finished the 52nd week.


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/VM Bocs

According to Bocs, the challenge was quite easy at first. However, she found it challenging during the second half of the year as she had to save larger amounts every week.

“Madali sya sa umpisa pero sa 2nd half na ng taon medyo mabigat bigat na kaya super kuripot ka na nun!” Bocs wrote on Facebook.

While JB Dionisio, the netizen who successfully finished the 52-week money saving challenge used a bamboo coin bank, Bocs used a plastic piggy bank to store her weekly savings.

Bocs’ post on Facebook quickly went viral amassing over 32,000 shares. Many netizens were inspired to start 2017 by following Bocs’ money saving challenge suggestion.

Tips to Survive the Money Saving Challenge

In her latest post, Bocs gave a few tips to make the money saving challenge easier. Here are her tips:

  1. Choose a coin bank that’s difficult to open.
  2. Upon receiving your salary, immediately put savings inside the coin bank instead of using it on other things.
  3. Try bringing packed food instead of spending money on fancy restaurants.
  4. Determine what you’ll do with the money after the challenge.
  5. Be “kuripot” or thrifty as it is a “kuripot challenge”.
  6. Look for additional sources of income.
  7. Discipline yourself.
  8. Don’t be absent from work as there will be deductions in your salary.