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WATCH: Awesome Video Showing Rainbows are Actually Circles Goes Viral

Did you know that rainbows are actually circles, not arches like we often see? That sounds rather crazy, right? Well, it’s actually not crazy because scientists have long explained this but it is not common knowledge because we don’t often see circle rainbows.

Everyone knows that a rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon caused by the bending of light (refraction, reflection, and dispersion) in water droplets. As the light bends, a beautiful multi-colored spectrum is seen in the sky.

But while such a phenomenon actually reflects the light all around to form a circle, observers only see the top half of the arc, centered on a line from the sun to the observer’s eye. Thus, it would be difficult for many to believe that rainbows are actually circles.

Photo credit: YouTube / Lakhta Center

Now, people see rainbows only when they are at a specific angle relative to the source of light hitting the dispersed water droplets. According to Wikipedia, the angle is pegged at 42 degrees from the direction opposite the light source.

If you don’t believe that rainbows are circles, just check out this video taken from a viewpoint of a crane making construction works on the Lakhta Center skyscraper (462 m) in St Petersburg, Russia. At this height, it was possible to actually view the full rainbow – and it’s definitely majestic!

Photo credit: YouTube / Lakhta CenterGlobal News

But because rainbows have to be viewed from a specific angle, it is next to impossible to photograph it in full using the cameras of today as it would require a much larger viewing angle.

Check out this video and be amazed:

Can You Actually Touch a Rainbow?

Did you know that a rainbow is actually just an optical illusion and not a physical thing? This means that it can never be physically approached, no matter how hard you try.

In fact, even if you see a person standing at the spot at the end of a rainbow, that person would actually be seeing a rainbow farther off but of the same angle as viewed by you!

So, yeah, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s truly impossible to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…


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Heartbroken Man Slams Kitten On The Floor Repeatedly When He Was Denied A Full Refund




Cat Image

Animals and hot-headed people with problems in anger management do not go together – ever!

We’ve heard of stories where animals are taken for granted by heartless people, our hearts go to these poor animals who didn’t do anything wrong to deserve such fate.

It started as a sweet gesture

Just take this man from Nanjing, China, surnamed Zhang for example. On March 16, he decided to buy a cute kitten to give to his girlfriend as he asks for her hand for marriage.

Sweet, right?

Well, as sweet as it was, the girl turned him down but she accepted the kitten.

The poor kitten

After a few days, though, she gave the kitten back to Zhang because she said she didn’t know how to take care of the poor kitten. The condition of the kitten is pitiful as she has not eaten for days.

Cat 3

Zhang took the kitten back to the pet shop he bought it from and asked the owner if they could take the kitten back temporarily, seeing how the kitten looked like, the owner agreed.

But after a few more days, Zhang went back again and this time acted like a douche. He asked the pet shop to take care of the kitten permanently because he didn’t have time anymore.

However, aside from that, he also wanted his payment back.


After starving the kitten and confusing it big time?

What a prick.

Of course, the store will not agree with that, but when Zhang heard their answer, he just said,

“Give me the cat, I will settle it myself.”

Cat 2

The kitten was given to him in a pink plastic bag and he continued to walk out the store. But when he reached the outside, he suddenly slammed the plastic on the ground repeatedly!

The poor kitten was twitching in pain but he kept on slamming it on the ground a couple more times. So cruel!

Too late

By the time the store staff reached them, the cat was already dying on the floor. When they called the police, Zhang already fled the premises.

Cat 1

The staff lifted the kitten and couldn’t help but cry. How can somebody be that cruel? The kitten didn’t deserve that.

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China’s Social Credit System Affects Chinese People’s Ability to Travel, Eat and Date




China’s Social Credit System will affect all aspects of life in the country. [Image Credit: TomoNews US / Youtube]

China is taking their rules to the next level: this time, it is working to limit people from using transportation like airplanes and travel in different places if they have bad social credit. According to Reuters, people will be put on the restricted list if they are found to commit acts such as spreading false information regarding terrorism or causing troubles on flights. Those who are using expired tickets or smoking on trains will also be reprimanded.

President Xi JinPing’s Social Credit System is the leader’s start to rule the country for life, after the two-term limit has been abolished. This system will be rolled out by 2020, making the country’s 1.3 billion people be subjected to a score based on their trustworthiness.

Different Credit System

However, unlike the western credit rating’s purely financial rating, China’s Social Credit System will be different.

According to the government, its mission is to build a harmonious socialist society by rewarding the citizens with good behavior and punish a person or a company that falls short. With this system, the authorities will consider every aspect of the life of the citizens. This includes data from the country’s social insurance database as well as their criminal records system.

This social credit system will affect all people in China by 2020.
This social credit system will affect all people in China by 2020.

Scope of the System

A person’s online shopping habit will also be traced. If you are spending too much on items that deemed lazy like video games, your social score will decrease. The government will also look at your bills, your student records, whether you visit your parents enough, and if you were caught jaywalking.

Government officials will also follow your social media accounts to look out for any forms of dissent.

In Shanghai alone, honking is banned to reduce noise pollution in the city. Those who will be caught beeping will have their license plate number appear on an electronic billboard. They will also be forced to pay a fine. This will also go on their record, even if they honked just to avoid an accident.

Your online shopping habits will be recorded.
Your online shopping habits will be recorded.

Perks for Chinese People

If it looks too much for people from other countries, people from China accept the monitoring and welcome the new rating. For many Chinese, the social order and safety that could come from the rating system outweigh their privacy which could be taken away. Plus, those with high social scores will get additional perks from the government.

Trustworthy people could get gym memberships, special discounts in stores, and shorter wait times in the hospitals. Citizens can also increase their scores by doing good deeds like recycling and giving blood to the blood bank.

However, if you have low scores, you won’t be able to take out a loan, travel to another country, send your kids to good school, eat in good restaurants, and get matches on different dating websites.

Those with high social credit score will enjoy perks from the government. [Image Credit: TomoNews US / Youtube]
Those with high social credit score will enjoy perks from the government. [Image Credit: TomoNews US / Youtube]
Which do you think is better: a credit system or a social credit system? Let us know in the comments section below!

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‘Project Malasakit’ by Kara David Donates Chairs to Students Who Were Sitting on Floors




Education is valuable. This is the reason why most parents choose to send their kids to school.

But poverty is a huge factor in making this a huge challenge, especially in the Philippines where there are more poor than rich people. Thankfully, many children still continue going to school in hopes of a better future, despite the difficult challenges they have to face.

Photo credit: Project Malasakit by Kara David / Facebook

Take for example the Mangyan children of Brgy Malo, Bansud in Mindoro Oriental who are forced to sit on the floors of their classrooms because the school doesn’t offer chairs. They do have classrooms with blackboards and other facilities, like a ceiling fan but chairs are just too expensive for them.

Photo credit: Project Malasakit by Kara David / Facebook

The children’s sad plight was discovered by journalist Kara David who was in Mindoro on a trip with her husband. The couple learned that the locals were able to build a school at the foot of the mountains, thanks to bayanihan, but were unable to buy chairs. This did not stop the kids from going to school, even if that meant sitting on the floor.

A lot of people sent donations after hearing these diligent kids’ story. Donations came from as far the US, Italy, and Canada through ‘Project Malasakit’.

Photo credit: Project Malasakit by Kara David / Facebook

Thanks to these donations, the discount they received from Uratex, and the free shipping they got from Starlite Ferries, Kara David’s Project Malasakit was able to deliver the donations to the school. It is heartwarming to see the kids now sitting on arm chairs instead of studying on the floor.

But the project didn’t just stop with the chairs. Because there was still a lot of money left over from the donations, Kara David promised to have the water system fixed so that the Mangyan community will have clean drinking water. Wow!

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