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Mythbusters’ Adam Savage Builds an Iron Man Suit That Actually Flies

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage builds a real Iron Man suit that actually flies! The suit has gone viral, with many people hoping that Adam would actually fly the suit like Iron Man and, well, save the world!

Photo credit: CNET / YouTube

Real Iron Man Suit Actually Flies

Remember Hollywood special effects expert Adam Savage from the now defunct “Mythbusters” show? The show’s final episode aired in February 2018, but Adam has found another career as host to “Savage Builds” on Discovery Channel that premiered back in June 2019.

Photo credit: CNET / YouTube

On the show, Adam built a replica of the Iron Man suit. What’s so amazing about this suit is that he built it with Tony Stark in mind, imagining how the Avenger would have built the suit if he was for real.

Consulting with experts, Adam was able to build an Iron Man suit from titanium. It is also bulletproof like the Iron Man suit from the Marvel movies. The suit was pattered from the Iron Man Mark II armor with the suit built with movable parts that incorporate the titanium plates with nylon printed parts and titanium hinges.

Photo credit: CNET / YouTube
Photo credit: CNET / YouTube

I swear, if Tony f*ck*ng Stark was not fictional, and he was making an Iron Man suit right now, this is precisely how he would do it and this is the exact technology he would use,” Adam said in the video.

To fly the suit, the show tapped Gravity Industries, known for creating 1,000-horsepower miniature jet engines that could actually make someone fly! Five jet engines were attached to the Iron Man suit.

Photo credit: CNET / YouTube
Photo credit: CNET / YouTube

But because Adam still had a hard time controlling the engines on his own, without the suit, the founder of Gravity Industries donned the suit and flew the thing – and it really worked! Of course, this is a long way from the suits on the movies that fly with internal power and lets Tony Stark see using advanced technology. Yet this Iron Man suit is really so impressive already!

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