This Dog Apologized for Stealing the Baby’s Toys…So Cute

This video is the perfect example that dogs and kids can be the best of friends…and that it is never too late to apologize to friends.

Baby Laura Olivia was enjoying a nice toy when her best friend, Charlie the Beagle, decided he wanted the colorful toy for himself. So, he grabbed it in his mouth and ran away. As expected, Laura Olivia began to cry her heart out.

What would a guilty dog do to apologize for his momentary, errrrrr, lapse of judgment? Bring the baby lots of toys to make her happy, of course!

This video is overloaded with sweetness and love…I bet these two are going to be inseparable when they grow older.

Dogs and People

There is no question that the dog is man’s best friend. Yep. That adage still holds true even to this day. There might be occasional reports of dogs gone bad and biting people without apparent provocation yet those are just rare cases compared with the millions of great dogs around the world who live in peace with the humans.

There are many different types of dogs whose sizes and characteristics differ, depending on their breed. Beagles, just like the dog in the video above, are known for their gentle temperament but also excitable. As an intelligent breed, this one is useful for many tricks and activities, including hunting and taking care of kids, just like Charlie the Beagle.

Not all dogs are gentle, however. Many breeds are ferocious, especially when not trained. A lot of these dogs are large breeds but this is not to say large dogs are ferocious because breeds like the Great Dane and St. Bernard are huge yet the dogs have a gentle temperament.

Do you have dogs at home? What breed are they? We have 6 at home, all mixed-breeds.