Mute Dad Offers His Life to Save the Daughter Who Hated Him

She hated the fact that he is mute. She feels ashamed of having a dad who could not talk, who could not understand what she is saying.

It did not matter to her that he seems to try everything just to make her happy. She feels irritated every time he “talks” to her in sign language, especially in public because she has become a subject of bullying because of his disability.

Despite everything he does to make her smile, she just could not see how much he loves her. All she sees is his disability; that he could not talk.

When her boyfriend broke up with her, presumably after he discovered she had a deaf dad, she tried to take her own life. Her dad, who was waiting for her with a birthday cake, intuitively knew something was wrong and ran to her room.

At the hospital, he pleaded for doctors to allow him to donate his blood so she would live. In the end, he offers his life for her.

Prepare your tissues before watching this heartbreaking video:

Muteness or Mutism

A lot of us have this wrong perception that people who are mute are deaf. Nope. As can be seen in the video, the dad heard his child fall to the floor so he had rushed to help her.

Some mute people are deaf and most deaf people are mute, but there are documented cases to prove these are not absolute truths.

Muteness or mutism is defined as the inability to speak. This could be caused by birth defects or an injury. There are also some people who become mute after a traumatic experience but still have the physical ability to speak. The last one is called selective mutism.

In most cases, there is no treatment for mutism; however, selective mutism may be corrected with the help of a psychologist.

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