Mom Thinks Of A Genius Way To Entertain Her Baby While Doing Her Chores

Babies are such a joy to have. A home becomes brighter and lovelier whenever there is a new baby. The brightness they bring is because of a lot of reasons, it may be because of their smiles, or the way they babble.

Most of the time, though, it is because of the funny and cute things they do. Just like this little tike who found a way to help her mom juggle her multitasking. Ideas Fun shares this adorable story.

This smart toddler’s mom owns a Roomba, it is a robotic vacuum that is designed to zoom across the floor going under furniture and other fixtures to clean daily dust. Along with the daily specks of dust comes loose pet hair, crumbs, and other little dirt that may be harmful to babies when eaten.

Roomba 1


Apparently, along with the Roomba, comes the baby! Yes, this baby’s mom found a genius way to entertain her baby while doing her daily chores.

Roomba 2


Just look how this baby seems to be enjoying being carried and swept on the floor by the Roomba.

Roomba 3


The baby did not even wince when it seemed that they were about to bump the wall.

Roomba 4


Just watch them go on the floor. This baby is going to grow up smart, that’s for sure.

Watch the adorable video below:

What is Roomba?

Roomba was made to help people with the never-ending cleaning tasks. It is designed to clean everyday dirt that is prone to building up when not taken care of.

Dirt like pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and daily dust are Roomba’s targets. It is a circular robotic vacuum that glides through the floor. It has sensors that allow it to move away from walls and furniture legs.

It also has a sensor to know the edge of the stairs so it can change direction before it falls. And best of all, it apparently is a good tool to entertain your toddler, too!

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