Mom-of-Four Goes Viral for Sharing ‘Crazy’ Routine Before Going to Work at 9AM

While kids are cute and a lot of fun, it is also a reality that they can be quite a handful. Parents who have more than one child also face a lot of challenges, no matter how old the children are.

There are parents now who are ‘lucky’ to be working from home or have the full-time task of caring for the kids but most have to juggle parenting with ‘regular’ jobs away from home.

A woman blogger recently went viral for sharing the ‘crazy’ routine she has to do before going to work, something that is made more challenging by the fact that she has four kids.

A lot of parents have gone through all that, of course, but Liz Petrone just hit her breaking point one day and decided to post the exhausting routine she has to face every single day at home – and that’s before she gets to work at 9AM!

According to Petrone, her day starts with waking up four sleepy humans, her kids of course, and making the beds. She showered, helped some of the kids get dressed, and flushed some toilets. She reminded them about doing things like brushing their teeth; although she gets ignored.

I yelled “stop screaming! You’ll wake the neighbors!” loud enough to wake the neighbors. Many, many times,” she wrote – and many of us can certainly relate with that, eh?

Afterwards, she took them to school, went back to get some things the older kids forgot, then waited for the school bus with her younger kids.

But her morning hasn’t ended yet. She went back to the house to clean up, feed the dog, and get ready for work.

What really stressed her out was her colleagues’ greeting each time she arrives from her rather stressful morning.

No, I tell you this because if one more person says to me “wow, it sure must be nice to be able to waltz into work at 9:00am,” I am going LOSE IT,” the exhausted mom revealed.

Check out her rather frustrating but hilarious post and have fun commiserating with this mom: