Mikey Bustos’ Funny Parody of “Let It Go” as “Adobo” Will Make You Hungry

Tired of hearing “Let It Go” over and over again? Well, this parody of the super popular song from the animated movie “Frozen” will not only make you laugh but will also make you go hungry. LOL.

Funny guy Mikey Bustos created a fun parody of the song, entitling this as “Adobo”. In the video, Mikey shares the recipe of adobo, how it is supposedly cooked by his mom.

There’s a twist in the story, though – he was not just presenting the recipe but trying to ‘uncover’ his mother’s secret ingredient for the delicious dish.

With adobo as one of the top favorite dishes in the Philippines, this video truly appeals to many Filipinos. Mikey’s creative approach also makes the video more interesting. I enjoyed the twist at the end of the clip.

Enjoy the funny video here:

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