Special Dance Number Of Groom With Surprise Guest Makes His Jollibee-Loving Wife Happy

Jollibee has been with us for over 30 years. That means almost every one of us was or is still a Jollibee kid. Remember all the Saturdays or Sundays that our parents brought us to eat Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti?

Jollibee can also be seen invading kiddie parties, events, and meetings. But did you know Jollibee already entered the wedding industry, too?

Remember, as they say, everybody has a Jollibee kid inside of us. This groom right here made sure that Jollibee kid in his wife will treasure their wedding day. He devised a plan wherein he invited Jollibee to have a dance number with him at their reception to make his wife happy.

The groom started with a speech saying that he wanted to make his wife happy but he can’t do it alone so he called his friend “J” up on the stage.

The moment of suspense broke into applause when Jollibee went out from the back and ran to the groom.

Jollibee 1


The groom hugged him and told him how his wife loved Jollibee so much.

“Jollibee, sobrang sobrang sobrang love na love ka niya. Gusto ko lang sana na bigyan natin siya ng something na talagang hindi niya makakalimutan.”

Isn’t that sweet? We are bawling with happy tears here.

Jollibee 3


And then they went on and danced the Jollibee theme song, much to the delight of the wife and everyone watching.

Jollibee 4


You can just see the happiness in the way the bride never stopped smiling, laughing, and clapping which was so contagious.

This sure is a jump away from the very traditional way of weddings. This brought spice, entertainment, and of course, Jolly-saya to all the guests and most especially the wife.

Hat’s off to the groom who didn’t think about the stereotype and just did what he knows will make his wife happy.

Jollibee 2


Congratulations to the both of you.

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