Mesmerizing Water Hole in Portugal Looks Like a Gateway to Another Dimension

Just this year, a group of pioneering Portuguese uncovered the country’s best kept secret hidden on the small island of Flores far off the west coast of Spain near Guarda.

Known as the Covão dos Conchos, the unbelievable water hole, which appears to take you to the center of the earth, is actually part of a hydro-electric dam system built in 1955. Located in a remote corner of Serra da Estrela Natural Park, it actually collects water from Ribeira das Naves and transports it to the Bayou Lagoon Long.


PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/Probilder

With an opening measuring 15 foot, the spillway has a 4,984-feet gaping tunnel that leads to Lagoa Comprida.

But in order to get to the awesome location, you will need to take a treacherous journey as you will be hiking for several kilometers. Moreover, tourists may find it difficult to reach the area because of its wet weather and icy temperatures. In fact, the mountain range leading to the water hole becomes completely covered by snow and ice during winter.

Still, many tourists dare to take the dangerous path just to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing whirlpool.

A captivating drone footage of Daniel Alvez and Hélder Tavares posted in the YouTube channel ProBilder shows the funnel’s mouth inhabited by moss and foliage.

Watch the video.

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