The Real-life “Street Boys”: These Kids are Incredible!

A lot of people are born with natural talent but are not fortunate enough to be born in affluent families; thus, they have to cope with various things in life.

One good example of this is found in the video posted by netizen Gabi Butler on Facebook, showing kids doing complicated tumbling routines in a rather rough area.

The place looks like an abandoned lot and was strewn with plastic or other pieces of trash yet this is the “gym” for these kids. But you really have to admire their skills! Using just some boxes/cartons to cushion their fall, these kids are amazing at tumbling. You could just imagine them learning these moves by themselves; perhaps from watching shows on TV. How cool is that?

I also find it admirable that these kids appear to have a natural talent and were free of inhibitions. They fearlessly jump and tumble on the rough, uneven ground. We sure hope they get to continue practicing their skills and become the country’s next dance or stunt stars. They would also make an excellent addition to a dance sport or cheerleading team!

Check out their awesome moves in this video:


Although many kids enjoy tumbling as a way of having fun, this is actually an acrobatic sporting discipline in gymnastics. Practiced by both men and women, this sport is great to watch.

Still, even though there are plenty of international gymnastics competitions, tumbling was only included in the 1932 Summer Olympics as an event. It was done in the 1996 and the 2000 Summer Olympics only as a demonstration event, not for competition.

Ideally, tumbling is done on springy surfaces achieved by placing two layers of foam mats on a wide track made from fiberglass rods. However, not everyone can afford gym training – just like the kids in the video.

But you’ve got to hand it to these youngsters: they have amazing talent even if they were not fortunate enough to be trained in a standard gym/facility.

H/T : Barako Newsline

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