Passenger Scared of GrabCar Driver’s Actions Discovers He Was Actually Helping Homeless People

A young woman shares her thrilling but heartwarming experience with a GrabCar driver last February 6, 2016. According to Gelica Manuel Tulauan, along with a friend, she boarded the vehicle with plate number YS 9148 driven by a young man named Carlo Santiago Diaz.

It was already past midnight.

They boarded the vehicle at Gateway Cubao in Quezon City, Philippines towards Moriones, Tondo. After dropping off her friend along the route, it was only her and the GrabCar driver left in the vehicle as it plied through a rather dark route where only a few establishments were still open.

In her post on Facebook, she admitted that she was getting paranoid because of a number of reasons, but most especially because the driver began to slow down in a rather dark alley. Her “danger sensors” were on heightened alert but she pretended to be busy with her phone.

All of a sudden, the driver stopped the car and said something about alighting the vehicle and took off his seatbelt to do so. Then, he took something (a paper bag) from the floor of the vehicle.

Scared of what the driver was about to do, Gelica began to call her best friend, Danelyn, on the phone while still watching the driver. Her best friend did not pick up the call, however, possibly because it was already past midnight.

Now totally scared, Gelica looked at the driver again but was puzzled that he appeared to be waking up somebody in the dark. After a while, an old woman sat up and began conversing with the driver who seemed to have placed the paper bag in front of her.

Gelica could not hear their conversation but it was soon apparent that the young driver, Carlo, had given the old woman something and the latter was soon thanking him for it. Carlo quickly went back to the vehicle.

A little confused but very much relieved over what she had just experienced, Gelica admitted she was embarrassed at the way she acted. Feeling overcome with guilt for judging him so quickly, she kept silent for a minute yet could not help but ask if he knew the old woman and to question what was in the bag.

Carlo revealed he does not know the homeless woman and that the bag contained food. But it amazed Gelica that the food inside the bag was not leftovers but freshly cooked dinner! He and his friends, including his girlfriend cook food and share with the homeless from time to time!

Considering how young this driver was, Gelica could not help but ask who initiated the idea – and was surprised to learn that it was him and his girlfriend since he sees a lot of these homeless people while he drives around the metro on a daily basis.

The driver also admitted that there are many who tell them that it was not their duty to feed the homeless but the government’s responsibility yet he and his friends believe that they still should help so that they could feed some of these hungry, homeless folks even for just one meal at a time…

Superbly touched by the encounter, Gelica shared the story on Facebook.

Here’s her complete post:

Hindi ako nakakuha ng picture dahil madilim na at nagulat ako sa ginawa niya. But I want to share what happened. This is…

Posted by Gelica Manuel Tulauan on Sunday, February 7, 2016