Woman Slims Down after Seeing Photos of Herself at Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions that change two people’s lives forever but little did one woman know that she would, indeed, change after a wedding although not in a way that she expected…

Donna Docherty from Scotland was a size 20 during her wedding. She was actually size 22 before the wedding. Although she tried to slim down, the best she could reach was a size 20.

Photo credit: Donna Docherty / Facebook

Because her husband loved her for who and what she is, she didn’t feel the need to slim down and look sexy for him. Surprisingly, after seeing photos of herself at her sister’s wedding 18 months later, Donna finally realized she needed help.

Growing up, Donna had always loved sweet food, sugary snacks, and fastfood items. She loves eating takeaways instead of preparing healthy food at home. She also loved drinking softdrinks, something that was really a huge factor in keeping her overweight.

Donna felt comfortable with her body and had loved her wedding photos.


Seeing herself at her sister’s wedding, however, she made the realization that she was really too big this time.

It wasn’t until I saw a photo of myself on 28th December 2013 that I really decided enough was enough … I knew that if this was going to be a real change there was no point waiting until New Year’s Day so I emptied our kitchen cupboards and joined the gym,” Donna revealed.

It was all the motivation she needed, really. She began to change her eating habits, cutting down on sugary food and choosing healthy options. She also started exercising, hiring a personal trainer to achieve the best results.

She hasn’t turned back since then. From a whopping size 22, Donna was able to slim down to a size 8.

To anyone wanting to make a change I would always tell them you need to be really self-motivated, no one is going to do it for you. But the rewards are incredible, I feel so much better in myself and love my new look. The days of size 22 dresses are long gone,” she encouraged.