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Man Honors Poor Dad for Supporting Family Even with Little Money, Calls Him a Role Model

Who is your role model? Many of us find famous people as great role models in our lives; however, our parents also make great examples – and that’s how one man sees his dad.

Ayie Ahbotz shared on Facebook some photos of him and his dad as the older man cleaned the street. Despite not having money because of his job as a lowly worker who cleans the streets of trash, Ayie’s dad made sure that there was food on the table for his family, his kids had clothes, and they are able to go to school.

Photo credit: Ayie Ahbotz / Facebook

In his post, Ayie honored his dad and said that the older man had a lot of positive influence in his life. He wrote:

Photo credit: Ayie Ahbotz / Facebook

A perfect role model for me is my dad. My dad is a father who supports the children even when he has no money and being his son is like having a permanent armor for the rest of my life. He will do whatever it takes as long as he gets his responsibilities done.

He [doesn’t] tell me how to live but [shows] me how he lives the life instead. The way he overcomes life has taught me that no matter how hard things are, you have to keep going. No matter how little your salary and how hard your job is, for as long as it is right, you just have to get it done.”

Photo credit: Ayie Ahbotz / Facebook

As he accompanied his dad in his job as cleaner for Nee Soon Town Council in Singapore, Ayie said that he learned a lot from the old man. Their “street talk session” gave him a lot of valuable insights in life, allowing him to find guidance and strength in times of trouble.

Photo credit: Ayie Ahbotz / Facebook

How to Be a Role Model?

  • Don’t be afraid to be different from others.
  • Show respect and concern.
  • Do good things without anyone telling you.
  • Do good things even if no one is watching.
  • Demonstrate confidence.
  • Be humble.

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