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Man Dated Cockroach for a Year, Eats Her Afterwards as a Sign of Reverence

The dating game is such a challenge to many people, especially these days when there are so many people identifying themselves in different types of genders. But have you heard of someone dating an animal?

Well, a Japanese guy loves bugs and various insects so much that he actually entered into a ‘relationship’ with one.

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

As strange as it might sound, Shinohara Yuta spent a year ‘dating’ a cockroach named Lisa whom he refers to as his ‘first love’. According to Shinohara, no girl has ever been as attractive to him as Lisa. Errrrr. Weird, right?

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

While it’s difficult to imagine why Shinohara even fell in love with a cockroach in the first place, perhaps it had something to do with him being an entomophagist. This is the term used for someone who eats bugs by choice, not just because he was dared to do it or was trying to win a huge amount of money on some TV show.

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

In fact, Shinohara actually makes a living by mixing and mashing various bugs and insects to create food he sells at his shop. Amazingly, he’s actually got a huge customer base but continues to make an effort to convince people about the health benefits of eating bugs.

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

The nature-lover shared that Lisa, his ‘first love’, was a farm-raised cockroach he imported from Africa. He claims that he could actually ‘communicate’ with Lisa’; though he later admitted that perhaps it was all just in his imagination.

We wonder, really, if Lisa even knew they were in a relationship, but Shinohara said when he felt the urge to be more intimate with the cockroach, he simply imagines a world where bugs are as big as people or that he could shrink himself and be as big as a bug. Really strange.

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

But as we all know, cockroaches don’t exactly have a long life span. Just a year after they started ‘dating’, Lisa passed on. In reverence, Shinohara cooked the bug and ate it.

So now, Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as a part of my body,” he explained.

Photo credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

Errrr. Strange tribute, eh?

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