Guy in LDR with Beautiful Young GF Discovers She’s Actually an Old Woman

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet today – and that could be said to a man who discovered that he was getting married to an old woman, instead of his beautiful young girlfriend with whom he had a relationship with for 2 years. Ouch.

Yusuf is an Indonesian Migrant Worker (BMI) who works in South Korea. One day, he met a beautiful young lady on social media; she’s Indonesian. They fell in love – or so Yusuf thought.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

For the next 2 years, Yusuf and his young girl friend remained in constant communication despite living far away from each other. Despite the distance, they kept their love alive. Yusuf promised that one day he would save enough money so he could go back to Indonesia and marry his beautiful sweetheart.

In those 2 years, Yusuf would sometimes ask his girlfriend to do video calls, but each time they do that she would shyly cover her face in a veil. While this would have raised red flags with other people, Yusuf was so in love with his girlfriend that he thought she was just being demure and shy.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Deeply in love with the girl, Yusuf labored hard in South Korea and would sometimes send his sweetheart some money. In fact, he had sent her over 10 million Rupiah ($700) over the course of their relationship. But that was nothing for Yusuf because he was willing to support his lovely girlfriend.

Two years into the relationship, the woman told Yusuf that if he really loves her, they should get married even if it is nikah gantung which means they are married but don’t live together. Since he’d be working back in South Korea, Yusuf thought nothing of the condition – the two prepared for the wedding.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

But Yusuf had the shock of his life when he arrived just in time for the wedding, only to see that his beautiful young sweetheart is a simple-looking old woman! While their wedding papers were ready, the young man refused to get married to this old scammer.

He would soon discover that his ‘girlfriend’ had taken photos from FB pages run by makeup artists! No wonder the girl in the photos looks so gorgeous because she’s actually a model in real life, catfished by this old lady…

What is Catfishing?

Catfishing is the term used for someone luring another person into an online relationship using a fictional online persona, often using photos of another person.