Angry Husband Literally Gives Cheating Wife Half of Everything They Owned

Despite it being his wife who cheated on one German guy, leading him to file a divorce, the courts ordered the couple to split their properties in accordance with the law.

Angry that his cheating wife will still receive half of what he had worked hard for, the German guy decided to follow the law – but he added his own twist to things to serve her some punishment of sorts.

Taking a chain saw, the man cut up everything they owned into two parts, giving half to his wife and keeping half for himself. While it was so crazy to think that he’s cutting up everything and would surely end up with just half of the stuff for himself, he did get the satisfaction of splitting everything with her the way he wanted to while still in accordance with what the court had ordered him to do.

In a video that has since gone viral on YouTube, the unidentified German guy captioned the video accordingly, “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful years,’ Laura! You’ve really earned half. Greetings also to my successor.

The angry husband split everything he could get his hands on; from their telephone to their TV and other gadgets. To spite his wife, he also cut their bed in half as well as other furniture in the house.

The laptop was also split accordingly and they each had a wheel of their bike.

He even went as far as cutting their teddy bear into two!

But the craziest thing he had cut was their car! Can you believe that?

I bet his wife was going to file charges against damage to property or something; although he might actually win the battle in court considering he could claim that it was the court who told him to split the property with his wife! LOL.

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