Man Buys Used Car from Police Auction…And Discovers an Incredible Surprise

What would you expect from a used car you bought from a police auction? Well, I would surely think twice before using it out in the street without making major changes to its body as it might be recognizable to street thugs as their rival’s vehicle or its previous owner just might take it away using a spare key!

So, is the moral lesson of the story about not buying used cars from the police auction? Well, that might appear to be the case at first but you’ll probably love what happened next in this story.

The man who bought the used car found out that the power window was not functioning. Considering that used cars often don’t come in perfect condition, he was alright with that. However, instead of bringing the car to a mechanic, he decided to fix the door himself.

Used Car 1

While removing the portions of the door, he soon found a black bag which contained what appeared to be stacks of something he was not sure what.

Used Car 2

Used Car 3Carefully peeling away the duct tape from the end of one stack revealed something totally unexpected: money, lots of money!

Used Car 4The stacks were filled with dollar bills in 10s and 20s! Excited over the stash, he quickly posted his find on the internet. Though he did not reveal his real name or divulge how much he found, he soon realized the folly of his actions and deleted the post. Still, it had already gone viral as netizens speculated he must have found a few thousand dollars in those stacks of money!

Used Car 5Used Car 6It is not known what he did with the money but I hope he moved to another place and sold the car else the thugs who hid those stacks eventually manage to find him.

What an incredible yet scary story…