LOOK: Tantin, The Hottest Mechanic in Town

A 21-year-old mechanic from San Simon, Pampanga in the Philippines is making waves on the internet after she caught the eye of netizens who not only admired her skills in troubleshooting and fixing cars but also her beauty!

Tantin Legaspi Meneses comes from a family of mechanics – that’s probably the main reason why she also chose this line of work yet she’s not your ordinary mechanic because not only is she a female, she is also quite beautiful!

Photo credit: Facebook/Top Gear Philippines

Photo credit: Facebook/Top Gear Philippines

What might probably surprise you is that Tantin studied at TESDA Gonzalo Puyat School of Arts and Trades in San Luis Mexico, also in Pampanga. TESDA is a technical school offering free or subsidized learning for Filipino students. By the way, this government agency also offers online courses for free!

Now, back to Tantin, this gorgeous lady is great at her job – she knows a lot about cars and could probably take a car apart and put it back together much better than most guys can! Despite her chic beauty, this lovely lady is not afraid to get dirty – all for the love of cars!

Aside from being a full-time mechanic, we’re not surprised to learn that Tantin also works as a freelance advertisement model! She’s gorgeous and sexy, after all.

But we were amazed to learn that this stunning mechanic is also a multi-awarded Cosplayer known for portraying Erza Scarlet (an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild).

In the male-dominated world of motoring industry, Tantin is a breath of fresh air. She can surely handle different jobs, not just as the person behind the wheel or beneath the car but as the face of the brand!

With all these positive attention Tantin is getting these days, we would not be surprised if the lovely mechanic would be gracing billboards in some near future or even land a spot in the entertainment industry. What do you think?